PaddedKINK 2 – eBook

July 31st, 2014 in KS Private Label by

PaddedKINK (2009-2012) was my monthly membership site that only featured women of size in BDSM situations of all kinds. The main focus was to allow the variety of fetishes those women enjoyed in their lives in an authentic way – from foot fetish to hardcore extreme kink.

From those weekly erotica updates, I have selected specific stories to present to you PaddedKINK: Plus-Sized Mistresses & Submissives. These stories cover fantasies told by women of size and the men who love them, from both sides of the BDSM power dynamic.

If you’re a BBW, or love women of size, and love BDSM fantasies, I hope you enjoy these stories – and hope they inspire kinky, body-loving sexual journeys of your own.

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