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July 31st, 2014 in KS Private Label by

When I launched PaddedKINK at the end of 2009, it came from a place of defiance. The universal assumption was how fetish models needed to be slender in order to be considered sexy, dominant, and strong. Over the next few years, I ran into many, many people who were in the BDSM lifestyle – and many of them also did not fit into the traditional, mainstream-porn-centric ideal of what was considered attractive.

The decision was easy to create PaddedKINK, a monthly membership site that only featured women of size in BDSM situations of all kinds. When PaddedKINK closed, I really wanted to make sure that those stories were still accessible to the public. With that, I present to you PaddedKINK: Plus-Sized Rough Sex Fantasies. These stories cover a gamut of fantasies told by women of size and the men who love them. From sweet and total submission to strong, bold dominance, these stories will appeal to your senses from all sides, all with beautiful depictions of the sexiness of size.

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